Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Manage Self Esteem

Self esteem - what exactly is it? In general terms self esteem is regularly described as the way in which a person values or regards himself. However, belief and self respect for his image also comes into it too. Self esteem is important as it quite often dictates the way we mix and communicate with others and how we behave towards them. Individuals with little or no self esteem usually have no confidence in anything they do and have little faith in themselves in any way.

In order for people to evaluate their own knowledge of self esteem, they need to have a clear understanding of what it is so they can recognize their own level of self esteem. Some people may be encouraged to work on improving their self esteem simply buy becoming more knowledgeable on what it is.

Self esteem helps keep us motivated and allows us to handle the countless challenges we face every day. Actually, how we look at and feel about ourselves shapes the way in which we handle life's roadblocks and how we make important decisions. People with healthy self esteem are more confident, find it easier to make decisions, have better interpersonal relationships, and can take on new challenges and risks. It is how we gain courage to push ourselves through life.

When we have good self esteem we are more decisive and convey confidence. This gives us the power to deal with others, and to help us take on new experiences and the risks that may come with them. Self esteem can be simply put as how we push ourselves forward in life. A high level of self esteem can be misconstrued by others as arrogance and over confidence.

Our self esteem not only affects how we behave towards other people, but also how we react to ourselves. It can be the deciding factor to our success or failure. Self esteem plays an important role in our lives and helps us to be confident in life in general as well as coping with all the obstacles we are likely to face during our lifetimes.

What factors contribute to self esteem?

The support and assurance of persons dear to us, and their confidence in us, are very relevant in our nurturing of self esteem. When we were still young, the support and assurance of our family and those who are dear to us would build up our self confidence as we grow old. Adults with low self esteem may find that they can benefit by lending and ear or a shoulder to cry on to other family members, helping others with their troubles and encouraging them to share their emotions.

Children and adolescents may experience a difficult time knowing and understanding exactly what self esteem is but, nonetheless they can actually feel it. Adults who do understand what self esteem is all about but have low levels of it may also find it difficult to get to grips with. People who have low self esteem should always be encouraged and guided in order to build on their self esteem levels and become more confident in life with everything they do.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Personal Growth in Freelancing

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. In the case of freelancing, yes, this saying applies. Your contacts are your most valuable assets aside from your skill. You will need people to give you business, whether it is a neighbor, your parents, classmates, etc.

Questions when considering freelance work via referrals:
1. Do you know anyone inside a company where you can get the latest scoop on what’s the current industry trend?
2. Do you know 20 people who can recommend you?
3. Do you know 10 people who are interested in freelance services?
4. Are you willing to invest on more than 20 hours on sales, marketing and networking?
5. Are you familiar with decision-makers in companies as your list of potential clients?

Though most successful freelancers make a lot of money compared to their employed counterparts, money isn’t stable in the freelancing world. When you decide to become a freelancer, you are giving up a steady paycheck. Work and money will be scare, and you will be at the mercy of clients who pay after 30 days.

When you start working as a freelancer, your contracts will always vary. Some may run from 3 to 6 months, sometimes shorter. Work will be cyclic --- one month you’re overworked while you’re bored the next. Plus, a freelancer’s taxes can become complicated and are quite high. You constantly need to market your skills and expertise in order to find work. Nothing is definite.

Freelancing is rewarding both professionally and financially. There is never a dull moment with freelancing, and if there were, it only means that you’re not putting yourself out there more. You get to decide what projects appeal to you; you get to run the show!

Since freelancing is a high-risk endeavor, this lifestyle is not for everyone. It’s better to talk to present and former freelancers and investigate what and why works for them in the freelancing game. And since this is a complete transformation, make sure to discuss it with your partner as it will greatly affect your finances. There is a need to be constantly motivated and self-sufficient. Perfectionism is mandatory if your skills are being outsourced. You also need to be flexible enough to cater to the whims of your client. You also need to develop the patience and tenacity to troubleshoot equipment, software, etc. As a freelancer, access to help desk staff and network admins will be nominal. Basically, you would have to tackle them on your own, learn it and eventually apply it. Being a freelancer means also getting your hands dirty; after all, you are a one-man show.

The freelancing lifestyle was never like a walk in the park. It entails a lot of sleepless nights and stress. Coffee will become your best friend. Somehow, going fulltime will consume your finances as well. It’s better to set aside money when the going gets tough as you make your transition gradually.

Attitude is everything in freelancing. If you take every problem with a grain of salt, correct, improve then move on --- life will be less stressful and more fulfilling. After all you’re working for yourself now.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can the Law of Attraction Make You Wealthy?

Over the past year, the media has given a lot of attention to the DVD and book, "The Secret," yet many people remain unclear about the nature of the Law of Attraction and the role it can play in creating wealth. Indeed, Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor, and others involved in "The Secret" were inspired by the 1910 book, "The Science of Getting Rich," by Wallace D. Wattles. The Law of Attraction, which some people refer to as the Law of Vibration, forms the basis of "The Secret," and is used daily by those who wish to not only improve their financial circumstances, but who wish to become rich.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In essence, the Law of Attraction presumes that your thoughts and beliefs manifest themselves in the physical world. In other words, if you put positive thoughts out into the universe, positive events will come to pass. On the other hand, if you put negative beliefs and thoughts out into the universe, you will attract negative events.

Where Did the Law of Attraction Originate?

Some people think that the Law of Attraction can be traced back to Buddhist concepts like karma vipaka (the result of past action) and Christianity's corollary, "as you sow, so shall you reap." Others attribute it to the early twentieth century, when Wattles and his contemporaries, all of whom would be considered self help and motivational experts today, put forth the idea that you become that which you believe.

What Elements Comprise the Law of Attraction?

The premise of the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like. Therefore, you need to know what you truly desire, make a decision to pursue it, ask the universe for it, believe in your ability to create your destiny, then work toward achieving your goals. For example, if you truly desire a loving relationship, you need to get rid of negative thoughts like, "I only attract losers," and instead focus on the attributes you want in a mate, meditate or pray about it, tell others about it, and believe that the ideal relationship will come to you. Most importantly, you have to take concrete action to allow the Law of Vibration to resonate within you. This might mean putting yourself in situations where you are more likely to meet the person you desire, inviting friends to introduce you to potential mates, and so forth. Action is a key component of the Law of Attraction, because, as the adage goes, simply wishing doesn't make it so.

How Can I Attract Wealth?

There are several programs available that use the principles of the Law of Attraction to create wealth. The foundations of the most successful programs include the success of "The Secret," the concepts set forth in "The Science of Getting Rich," the credibility of personal growth instructors, and the Internet as a distribution medium.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Understanding Personal Growth

I want everyone to be free of constraints and conditioning, whether cultural, environmental or societal. When this happens, people will live with joy, love, gratitude, and abundance. When people engage fully in a Personal Growth journey they experience a new sense of freedom and purpose that they never had before.

Personal Growth is, at its core, about nurturing the growth of an individual. We are holistic beings with a mind, body, and spirit. We live in a world where we are increasingly challenged to draw upon our full potential. Personal Growth helps us to rise to the occasion�to become all that we may be and adapt to the lightning-speed changes in society.

Personal Growth and Spiritual growth are very intertwined. As Teilhard de Chardin said, We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Is it an innate force that propels us forward to engage in life and everything around us? Some say the force is God, the Universe, the Divine Spirit, or something else. For me, it is the Spiritual that both moves and defines us. Personal Growth is the connection to that innate power, which allows an individual to grow and live life to the fullest.

Many people are not aware or do not understand what Personal Growth is. I believe one of the core reasons is because it is called by so many names. Personal Growth may also be known by: self help, personal development, self-improvement, new age, and many others.

In my opinion, once we choose a name for the concept of the growth of an individual, even more people will understand what�s possible for them and the world. I feel that Personal Growth is the best name.

Personal Growth is a solo journey and one you don�t have to embark on alone. Even though you take the journey yourself, others are working on their journey as well. When we support each other everyone grows exponentially.

For me, Personal Growth is a way of life � a way of being, thinking, feeling, and acting. It begs the questions: What do you think about during the day? How do you feel most of the time? How proactive are you in life? To what level are you playing in life? Who are you?

We are creatures of habit. Have you been thinking, feeling, or acting in a certain fashion for too long and want to break with old patterns? By fully embracing Personal Growth and taking action to change, you can transform your life and start thinking, feeling, and acting in brand new ways.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Self Improvement For You?

Before anything else, several folks in different countries would live much better lives than they have if they are tuned in to their strong spots and if they can learn to aspire higher.

You got to be confident about who you’re and what you have been able to triumph with for yourself as it’s certainly of no meaning living a sad life.

Negative inspirations are improper and can certainly evoke the improper reaction from you as well as reduce your chances of getting ahead; so consistently seeing to it that you do not succumb to such improper opinions is exceptionally fine self enhancement strategy.

Personal peace often comes from from religious relations; by being a member of religious crowd, you’re sure to gain a good deal from the sacraments, chanting, singing and also prayer. The most important part of any man or woman’s life is the aspect of self enhancement; that’s what separates the successful from common persons; when the the successful worked on bettering themselves each day, the common folks did not.

Self improvement needs reading the correct forms of Information Products, looking at the correct forms of educational and motivational materials as well as working exceptionally hard on yourself daily. Perseverance is a very good weapon to combat the drawbacks of life so that you get positive benefits; it’s easy to advance by doing everything you can to be in line with your situation.

Even adolescents can profit a lot from self improvement; as parents, make sure to consistently work on bettering every aspects of your children’s lives – their schoolings, their physical wholeness, their communication knowhow, etc.

To summarize, growing as well as progress are certainly never-ending all through your life and there’s no way we can halt this because of certain circumstances; therefore, you must keep growing forward and bettering yourself with every opportunity you get.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Self Improvement: The Road to a Better Life

In the first place, an optimist ordinarily concentrates on getting things done and looks at damaging incidents in a way that facilitates learning and growth; this is what keeps him on the road of self advancement.

As a speaker, don't forget that notes scrabbled in a hurry won't do the trick but you may have to take notes as little reminders when you're speaking at an engagement; so recall do it in a way that will definitely be convenient and cozy for you.

Induce yourself to do anything else when you sense that you're genuinely focusing on damaging things on account of the fact that you stand to gain nothing worthwhile except troubled beliefs and disturbed nights.

Persons are indeed all born with the control to be innovative, we are all born with prospects but the reality is that those persons who seem to be without any kind of ingenious gifts have merely been unable to discern the innovative control that they have.

Coaching (that can be effectively mastered by means of self improvement) pays a great deal of attention to leadership by example and indeed this is the cause why a coaching leader ought to be knowledgeable, suitably organized, able to communicate properly and able to pass across clear pictures of the company's targets.

Some persons do not get it that the mental and emotional factors of a person are exceptionally pertinent to any person who is excited about self improvement.

As self improvement, you require courage and a craving to live a better life and you will also require devotion, optimistic thinking and tenaciousness to triumph with that better life you're looking for.

Countless youngsters are led to think that they are of no grandness and consequently, their self worth is awfully eroded and such a situation will really not help any of them in any way; it's the exact opposite of self improvement, instead, it's self destruction.

To round up this article, fruitful individuals will constantly tell you that self improvement will really reward you with both long lasting and also short-term acquirements that will definitely be of serious significance in your rise to the top.
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